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DEN B. [ /den/bee/ ]:

A 19-year old Nursing student and soon-to-be Medicine major.
A runner and soon-to-be ultramarathoner.
A self-confessed shopaholic, workaholic and doodlemaniac.
A dreamer, adventurer and perfectionist.
A sucker for romcoms, comedy flicks and action movies, tea, smoothies, and stylish clothes.
Loves God, family, and friends bigtime.
One of the craziest people you'll ever meet.

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4 years ago :)) I’m making another one one of these days :))

1. I became a Christian on December 1, 2007
2. One of my best friends became my greatest enemy when we were in Elementary.
3. I go to the mall every weekend.
4. I have a guitar at home, but still don’t know how to play it.
5. I joined the KFC when I was in 3rd Grade.
6. People would think that my artworks, designs, etc. are beautiful even though I only rushed it.
7. I became a ROCKER because of RIVERMAYA. :)
8. I always drink Hot Chocolate during breakfast.
9. I order either Signature Hot Chocolate or Chocolate Cream Chip Frappe at Starbucks.
10. I want to meet new people. I really feel that I don’t have so many friends eh.
11. I hate cockroaches and real live chickens. They’re soo gross!
12. I haven’t been to other countries, and even in other faraway provinces (like in Bicol, Cebu, Davao)
13. I have a pillow that I have been using for almost 10 years!
14. I was accelerated. OH YEAH, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! haha
15. I cried when I heard that I didn’t pass Nursing in UST. Really. haha
16. I had my first cellphone when I was in 3rd Grade.
17. When I was in 5th grade, I had a crush on an anime character! okaayyy….??
18. When I was in my childhood years, I owned a Gundam toy, a Beyblade (?) toy, and a Crush Gear Turbo toy. I even owned a Power Rangers Robot toy!!!
19. I cry when I don’t get what I want.
20. I was born Catholic, but I never liked being one.
21. I always go to Cavite every weekend.
22. During groupworks, when my groupmates are really useless, I always do the work all by myself.
23. I have an older brother and an older sister.
24. I really feel lonely when I am ignored. It feels like nobody wants me as my friend.
25. I’m a former WWE fan.
26. I am a pessimist. People would always tell me that I’m smart, cute, and pretty. But for me, it’s not true. haha
27. I don’t believe that ghosts exists, but I believe that UFOs/Aliens do. haha
28. I only started reading books when I was in Senior year.
29. I’m bored when I don’t have someone to talk to or I can’t think of something else to do.
30. I have 11 best friends. Five from Philadelphia High School, four from Grace Christian College,  one from Ateneo High School, and the last one (but definitely not the least) is GOD. :)
31. Even though I am a Christian, I could not go to a Christian church because of my grandmother, who really, really hates Christians. I didn’t even tell her that I am a Christian.
32. I only started reading the Bible when I was in Junior Year.
33. I hate it when people would just text me “Ah okay hehe” after telling them something. It would just mean that you’re not interested to talk to me.
34. I would be very happy and very thankful if someone would give me a Bible in my birthday. (which happened on my 16th birthday)
35. I have been to almost every mall in Metro Manila except at Powerplant and at Podium.
36. I have an uncle who’s younger than me.
37. I always have my “blooper moments” – that’s when I mispronounce a word and people would think it’s funny. Like the time I mispronounced the word “species”. Instead of pronouncing it properly, I pronounced it as “speekis”! OH MY.
38. I also have some clumsy moments like tripping on something and falling on the stairs. But the worst one that I’ve experienced is falling into a manhole. XD
39. I love Germany because I think the Germans are cool, and I idolize Adolf Hitler.
40. Before, I don’t want to take up Nursing in college. I want to take up Interior Design.
41. I’m irritated to boys who are so makulit. They act like little girls!!!
42. I took summer classes in Chinese when in I was in 5th Grade, because I failed the Chinese entrance test in Grace.


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